Automatic Fire Extinguishing Systems

Automatic fire extinguishing systems can save human lives. Automatic fire extinguishing systems cope with their task quickly and efficiently, while the cost of such equipment remains affordable.

Automatic fire extinguishing system

Modern automatic fire extinguishing systems are sprinklers and other extinguishing systems based on different types of fire protection.

In sprinkler systems, the irrigation device is mounted in a pipeline system that is filled with water, foam or air, and is always under pressure.

Gas automatic systems use compressed or liquefied gas which is used to extinguish the fire.

Powder and aerosol systems are one of the most affordable solutions. The price of such automatic fire extinguishing systems is relatively low. Despite of the risk to human health, such equipment demonstrates high efficiency and can be used in sub-zero temperatures.

Application of automatic systems

Automatic fire extinguishing systems can used alongside the other systems. Modular installations meet the needs of typical commercial and industrial enterprises or warehouses.

For many facilities, the installation of automatic fire extinguishing systems is mandatory. These include data centers, underground parking lots, ground car parks with more than one floor, one-story buildings and other buildings.

The cost of an automatic fire extinguishing system depends on its type, the materials used and the complexity of the installation in a particular building.

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