Fire Cabinets

To take care of fire safety is the most important task, which requires attention. The equipment that helps to protect any building is fire cabinets. These cabinets allow you to store such means of initial fighting with fire, like fire hoses, fire extinguishers. Such fire cabinets are used in residential and public buildings, as well as in commercial enterprises.

Fire Cabinets

Cabinets are used for storage fire equipment which can be used to when you need it. In many cases, they are built-in although there are some other models which are for sale.

Thanks to design, the fire equipment which is stored in the fire cabinet can be used in an emergency situation. It can be easily extracted and used for extinguish the fire.

Sometimes fire cabinets consist of one or two sections. In one section you can put a fire hose or use the possibility of placing an additional hose or fire extinguisher. There are models with or without a window.

The fire cabinet is created from a metal sheet, the painting of the product is possible in both red and white colors.

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