Firefighters Training

Young Firefighters have taken delivery of their own purpose-built fire engine. Chief Fire Officer presented the new appliance believed to be the first in the country built specifically for young people to students on the Young Firefighters course. Students will use the new appliance to demonstrate the skills they have learned on the course. The appliance was specially built to suit the needs of young people. It carries two ladders – a triple extension ladder and a light-weight double extension ladder, it has a crew cab which can seat five people and space for breathing apparatus sets, branches and other firefighting equipment usually stowed in fire appliances. The Young Firefighters scheme has been so well received throughout the country the that it was decided to start looking at developing a dedicated appliance which is more suitable for younger people and one which suits the needs of the course. The Young Firefighters are very proud to have their own appliance and are ready to showcase it and demonstrate the skills they have acquired. We hope this will be the first of many and that every fire station which runs the Young Firefighters course will eventually have its own purpose-built appliance. The new fire appliance will enhance the training of the Young Firefighters and ensure they leave with essential skills that they can then take into adulthood and help build safer communities. Our team is also proud to watch and guarantee the fire-safety of many party events Toronto.

Firefighters' uniform plays a great role in their effective work in emergency situations. That's why Young Firefighters are supplied with the best-quality uniforms and comfort Keen shoes, their uniforms is fire-protected and helps them to save people's lives.

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